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  1. Mikey, So with SCCM 2012 R2 are you saying that UEFI doesn't boot without making a change? I am having a problem and it doesn't PXE boot or USB boot. Thanks, Jason
  2. Has anyone had any luck with winload.efi 0xc0000359 errors? I have the same issue if I PXE boot. I created a USB drive from Config Mgr and it booted correct but then it downloads the boot.wim and reboots, then errors. I have 3 different models that all error. Any help would be great. Thanks, Jason
  3. I am having some issues getting a driver to work with WinPE 5 on a Lenovo S30 that uses the C600 RAID port by default. I have injected several different versions of that "iaStorS.inf" driver but none allow me to see the hard drive after booting into WinPE. Can someone remind me how to find the GUID of the devices in WinPE? Thanks, Jason
  4. I had this exact problem and this didn't fix the problem. I got lucky and decided to search the registry for my proxy because I cleared it out of everywhere I could think of. Sure enough I found it in a SMS reg key. Then I cleared it and and now my ADR's are working correctly. I had to put my servers on a different vlan so they have a direct connection now, no proxy but oh well at least they work.
  5. I was wondering if anyone else is using a VMware environment for SCCM 2012. I have setup my Primary site server but I was wondering about my DP's should they be VM's as well or should they be physical? Thanks, Jason
  6. Is anyone testing or trying SCCM 2012 on SQL 2012? I am upgrading my SCCM environment and want to know if we really need SQL 2008? Of course we know it works on 2008 but 2012 is out? Thanks, Jason
  7. Has anyone tried setting up Server 8 as a DP to see if Multicasting is better with Server 8 than 2008 R2? Thanks, Jason
  8. I was wondering if anyone has built a reporting tool that puts a report local on each computer after imaging? I would love something that placed a txt file or html file on the desktop of the account logged in after imaging or on C:\. I would like to see if a program failed to install becase of some reason and I don't want to go into the console to find out what computer it was. Thanks, Jason
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    Thanks for the reply Eswar does it make sense that I can do about 15-18 computers fine but when I add more 20-30 I get these errors? Is it possible that the NAA account is reaching a connection limit? Today I will reset the password and try again. Also when I do an ipconfig /all when the error occurs it has a 169.x.x.x address. But it does have DNS, DHCP, Gateway, etc. Jason
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    When I image 15 computers at a time everything works great. When I try to image 20+ I will get the following error. 0X80070040. the http 405 and 500 show up on every computer. Any ideas. Jason Here is the smsts.log file with the problems. <![LOG[successfully save execution state and environment to local hard disk]LOG]!><time="08:01:47.883+420" date="04-05-2011" component="TSManager" context="" type="1" thread="1960" file="engine.cxx:255"> <![LOG[Reboot to WinPE]LOG]!><time="08:01:47.883+420" date="04-05-2011" component="TSManager" context="" type="1" threa
  11. Here is the way mine looks. It is for an E6410. I have all of the install commands let me know if you need them. I had to figure them all out on my own even Dell Premier support finally gave me the info after I had done all of the work and about 2 weeks late. Thanks, Jason
  12. Hello guys, I have a Task Sequence that deploys a Win7 image that is about 6.0gb and about 10 packages that equals about 500mb's. I have all of these on 1 distribution point and the Site Server. Do you guys recommend that I keep the packages and image on the Site Server or just keep them on the DP? How does SCCM regulate where do get the packages from? If one DP is maxed does it move over to the other DP? Thanks, Jason
  13. Here is the full log file. I have about 4 cmd's I would like to run or put into a batch file?? Jason smsts-20101006-105306.log
  14. I am trying to apply a couple fixes to our image using the "Run Command Line" in the OSD Task Sequence and it is giving me this error which I found in the smsts-date.log. I searched for this error and didn't find much of anything on Technet. I am considering opening a case. I would appreciate any guidance. Expand a string: smsswd.exe /run: cmd.exe /c net localgroup administrators /add SRCShell TSManager 10/6/2010 10:52:33 AM 2708 (0x0A94) Expand a string: TSManager 10/6/2010 10:52:33 AM 2708 (0x0A94) Command line for extension .exe is "%1" %* TSManager 10/6/2010 10:52:33 AM 270
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