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  1. Bademeister Are you aftersome thing like this? You then use the value for MachineObjectOU in your TS. [settings] Priority=DefaultGateway [DefaultGateway] [HeadOffice] MachineObjectOU=OU=TestOU,OU=Computers,OU=Head Office,DC=contoso,DC=com [backOffice] MachineObjectOU=OU=TestOU,OU=Computers,OU=Back Office,DC=contoso,DC=com
  2. Yes..... Can you be more specific with your question?
  3. Neiro If you rename a client and it has a record in ConfigMgr, it has to run a heartbeat discovery cycle and the DDR then has to be processed. - Heartbeat runs weekly by default. once Heartbeat has run it will match the client guid so a new client record is not created. However, if you have AD System Discovery enabled and it runs before the heartbeat discovery, the system name that has been changed in AD will be discovered, there will be no matching GUID, therefore a new record is created with client = no when in fact a client is installed. Eventually when heartbeat runs and updates the record you will see client = yes, you will then end up with two records. One = no and one = yes. I would try updating your heartbeat to once a day, or as often as AD System Discovery. HTH Why are you renaming systems?
  4. My guess is that not all the information required for the report is being reported in to the database, as it is a default report the SQL will be OK. Have a look in the data loader log file, is it moving files to the bad mif folder?
  5. Jakes What is the site code of the site server they should be assigned to?
  6. Have a look at criterion type - List of values User Resource.Unique Name in ("value1","value2","value2") etc...
  7. Have you checked that your boundaries are set up correctly?
  8. Maffef you can scripts this, Mark Nunn has a script for this you can download it from http://www.myitforum.com/inc/upload/8200colladd.zip Have you used any of the right click tools?
  9. I am not sure what you mean by faster updates? You can have one active SUP server per site, or an NLB of SUPs. a single SUP can support 25,000 clients (top of my head) How many clients do you have?
  10. Have you tried here? http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb735860.aspx What questions do you have? When you tried to use Client Push Installtion, did you configure an account for this process to use?
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