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  1. Hi - I'm getting ready to bring up a new site and would like some opinions. This new site will only manage about 2000 machines. It will do a lot of lab OSD, patch management, and application deployment. I have always separated out the OSD and Application Deployment to another site server, but now I am starting to second guess myself. In your opinion, is it a good or bad idea to bring up this second machine? Is 2000 computers enough to warrant bringing up a separate site server? Thanks in advance, Steve
  2. For anyone that is still having this issue - Jason Sandys helped me figure out my problem. The collection you are importing the machine into MUST be limited by the All Systems Collection. As soon as I did that, my problem was fixed. FWIW - Murf
  3. Hi Dave23 - Any luck with this? I'm heading in the same direction. Thanks, Murf
  4. moustafafafa - Any luck figuring this out? Or any more information about what problems you are having with it?
  5. I am in the same boat, but would like to use a startup script. Anyone have some tips/tricks to make it work? I'm mainly concerned with the command line stuff - ccmsetup.exe /mp:yourmp smssitecode=site ... What should I use? Murf
  6. Hello - I'm stuck trying to add Reporting Services Role. My DBA wants us to point to an existing reporting services server. I can't figure out where to configure that. Is it even possible to use a separate Report Server? Thanks for any help, Murf
  7. Bump - I have the same issue. did you ever get this resolved?
  8. Thank you Peter. That was exactly what I needed. Next question... I will be installing the CAS because in the future I will have multiple campuses that will need primary sites. Do I delegate control of the system management container to the CAS server? I have read in plenty of places that the CAS does not manage clients, so I'm a little confused on this point. Thanks again for your help! Murf EDIT - Just found this in the original post. Note: Repeat the above for Each site server that you install in a Hierarchy.
  9. Hello - I am currently running 2007 on my domain, and I am getting ready to install 2012. I previously delegated permission to the system management container in 2007. I am planning to run side-by-side for the next month or two. If I Delegate Permission to the System Management Container for 2012, what does that do to 2007? I don't even know if it is possible, but if I delegate to my new 2012 server, will that cause a bunch of problems? Thanks for your help, Murf
  10. Hi Everybody, Long story short... We have multiple SCCM Admins that are responsible for their own collections (Computer OU). FEP has been installed. I can see everything on the FEP dashboard (with my full admin rights over the system), but the other admins can't see anything. What are the minimum permissions that I would need to add for them to see the dashboard and get the info on their collections? I've played around with everything, but can't seem to get the right combination of permissions. Thanks for any help, Murf
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