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  1. So far i have tried to repair the console, reinstalled the console a couple of times (waiting for the processes to finish before rebooting), havent rebooted the sccm server yet. Have installed .Net 4.6.1, had update the server with the latest patches
  2. Hi. Was wondering are there any other that has a error in applications log when you start configuration manager console: Missing management class description for class 'SMS_PolicyProperty'\r\nSystem.Collections.Generic.KeyNotFoundException\r\nThe given key was not present in the dictionary.\r\n at System.Collections.Generic.Dictionary`2.get_Item(TKey key) at Microsoft.ConfigurationManagement.AdminConsole.FrameworkInitializer.ReadSecurityInformationFromXml.Initializer(QueryProcessorBase queryProcessor, ConnectionManagerBase connectionManager, SmsNamedValuesDictionary namedValues)\r
  3. Any idea how i troubleshoot this? Both machines are VM's and on the same "network". And as the performance is normal on the sccm, im guessing it's something on the console server
  4. The CM server has 24GB RAM, OS is 2012 R2, 4 CPU Cores,. The Jumpstation server is Virtual, 16GB RAM, 4 CPU Cores
  5. Sorry about that, a jumpstation for ous is a server were we install all the tools. So a server where we can access AD, DNS, DHCP, SCCM and so on. They are on the same network, and SQL is located on the sccm server. I have tried and update .net to 4.6.1 as the console uses .net. Didnt help, we will try and update the server with all avaible security updates tonight. If i filter down the list, say search for a specific name then it doesnt show any lagg, it's when im listing all devices.
  6. Hi! We have a problem with the ConfigurationManager Console on our jumpstation, when i try to list all devices it's very laggy and high on CPU. It takes forever for it to load up to 1000 devices. We dont have much datat in the system yet, as it isnt in production yet. But we got the exchange connector to work last friday, and that synced about 1000 mobile devices. After that i noticed it became very slow in the console when we have to display them. On the SCCM we dont have this problem at all, just the jumpstation. Just before i went home last friday the "lagg" had gone away, and this
  7. Hi. I am wondering if anyone have had experience with deploying wifi profiles to android and ios? The profile must containt the passkey for the wifi for it to be entirely automated. The built in Wifi profile part of sccm 2012 / Intune doesnt let you add the passkey.
  8. Please see this post: http://www.windows-noob.com/forums/topic/13207-sms-state-system-critical-loads-of-errors/page-3 The problem should be solved, MS implemented a fix on their end
  9. No they didnt say exactly what caused the issue, but the fix was implemented on their side. On the Intune servers is my guess, they classified it as a bugg and we didnt have to pay for the support ticket. Checked the server yesterday and havent had any new errors, yay . Hopefully it will stay this way. Regarding that other error in your picture(atleast the download error) we had a few of those aswell, we installed CU1 on the server (2012 R2 SP1 CU1) and alot of it went away, but not all. And MS said as far as i can recall that those errors could pop-up now and then, but the function
  10. Just talked with MS and they implemented a fix last night, and i havent seen any errors today. So the problem seems to have been resolved
  11. Just talked with MS, and after seeing errors they confirmed that it is a know issue and they are working on a solution. So just have to wait
  12. Any news? I will make a case with MS soon to, just got OK to do it.
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