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I'm needing some clarification and assistance here. I'm providing some background as well. This is my first foray in to this process, so the simpler and more thorough the explanations are, the better it will be.


We're running Config. Mgr. 2007 in Mixed Mode (can't go Native at this point) in our corporate domain. We have a primary server with a SEPARATE SQL server housing the database, and no secondary servers. We also have 20 servers in our DMZ. Some are in workgroups. The rest are members of one of several AD Domains in the DMZ. There is no trusted relationship between the DMZ and our internal corporate domain, nor between the domains in the DMZ. I want to use SCCM to distribute a limited number of applications, 3 to 5, to all the DMZ servers, automating the process like we are currently doing, on our INTRANET. We will NOT need to manage mobile clients. It is strictly for automating app distribution to our DMZ servers. We want to continue using a single Configuration Manager server on our INTRANET and merely have CM Clients running on the servers in the DMZ, communicating to the INTRANET CM 2007 server.


First, is there some comprehensive, yet understandable documentation that I can refer to that will assist me in this process. (required protocols, network configuration, configuration manager components needing to be installed, and WHERE the components need to reside, etc . . . )


Second, what suggestions or recommendations do you have for accomplishing this.



Thanks in advance for your assistance and information

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