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We have recently noticed that the client has stopped automatically installing onto laptop/desktops. We have had everything run successfully for over 6 months and I have spoken with other administrators and nothing appears to have changed on the domain.


Once imaged you can see within C:\Windows that the 'ccmsetup' folder has been copied across but not further action has taken place. In order for the client to install correctly with Endpoint Protection I have to manually run the client.exe file.


After this process Endpoint Protection is installed and I can see SCCM now states the machine has the client installed, allowing for remote control, deploying software etc etc.


Post image I have noticed on Configuration Manager that the Client Certificate states 'None' rather than 'PKI'.


Has anyone else experienced this problem and/or recommend the appropriate logs to be reviewing.



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Have you configured the SCCM client to install during the imaging process? Or afterwards, once it's already joined to the domain, and sitting in its new AD container?


Regarding your certificate question, that is likely happening through group policy. If you look in the MMC on a problem machine, and go to the certificate snap-in for the local machine, are there any certificates there?


Based on what you're saying, this may be a problem in AD/group policy, rather than SCCM....

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