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I wanted to show you guys how to make a multiple OS possible inside a UDI wizard since it has not been properly documented anywhere.

So first things first :) Let's explain what are we trying to accomplish here.


We want on our Volume Page in UDI Wizard to give us the possibility to choose more than one operating system in our wizard:




First thing would be to import x number of OS images in our SCCM 2012:




Add our distribution point. And assuming that THE DESCRIPTION and the NAME ARE IDENTICAL we got most of our work done.

If not there will be a section for changing the info of image bellow.


This is how it should look in the UDI wizard:




Please have in mind in order for this to work Image Name and Display Name have to be the same.


If it looks like this then just save your desired UDI wizard configuration, update your package and then we have to arrange our Task Sequence.


In our TS Add "Apply Operating System Image" steps for EVERY OS you wish to have in your UDI wizard. In my case I have only two:




For every step in "Apply Operating System Image" there must be a condition set in order for TS to know when you choose x image from drop-down menu in UDI wizard what gets applied:










Save your TS and you are ready to go! Simple as that. This will work even if you have same number in index (1), because it uses OSDImageNameVariable instead of OSDImageIndex variable which can be used when you have more images merged into one.


If you need to edit info of your images:


Download this wintoolkit tool: http://www.wincert.n.../5-win-toolkit/(you cannot download it from here without registering

so find it on Google).

The tool is pretty straightforward, go to "Intermediate" tab and then WIM Manager:




Then browse to your .wim file and click "Edit" and change your image name AND description. Click rebuild and you are done.

Add new images to Operating Systems Images part of SCCM 2012, add them to UDI wizard, save UDI wizard configuration and update in SCCM, edit TS like above, and you are finally done.


Suggestions welcome,


@moderator: maybe a pin for this one?



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