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Best practice to prevent SCCM 2012 clients from not showing as installed in the admin console

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Dear all,


See attached screenshots.


What is the best practice here ? I have around 50 machines where I can see the Client version in the right side, but under the Client tab it does not show as installed.


Server, client, console have been upgraded to 2012 SP1 CU5 version (5.00.7804.1600 version)


Would it help to upgrade it to R2 of 2012, then push out all the cumulative updates after R2 to the machines?








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Are these systems that you're deploying via task sequence?


I ask because we saw something similar, where clients were installed, semi-communicating (clientlocation.log looked good, etc), but just not working, and console display of them was weird like this.

Going to the endpoints and looking in the CM control panel, there were only five actions available where one would normally expect either two (endpoint's freshly imaged, not approved, etc) or ~ten or eleven (normal working client).


We narrowed it down to some clients that may have been reimaged after our SCCM server crashed (bad RAM) and auto-recovered - a bunch reimaged after a clean manual shutdown of the server and normal startup of it worked at least.

By FAR, though, the biggest culprit for us was the deployment TS having an action (in this case, installing SEP 12.1.5 from .msi without having "SYMREBOOT=ReallySuppress" on the commandline) that caused an unplanned reboot before the task sequence was able to complete most of the time. Once that was dealt with, we haven't had this come up again.


FWIW, using psexec to uninstall the affected clients:

psexec \\bustedClient c:\windows\ccmsetup\ccmsetup.exe /uninstall

then doing a reinstall of the client got them fixed right up.

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