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  1. Dear all, See attached screenshots. What is the best practice here ? I have around 50 machines where I can see the Client version in the right side, but under the Client tab it does not show as installed. Server, client, console have been upgraded to 2012 SP1 CU5 version (5.00.7804.1600 version) Would it help to upgrade it to R2 of 2012, then push out all the cumulative updates after R2 to the machines?
  2. I got it working smoothly using driver packages in SCCM (using the option to install drivers from all Categories), Lenovo Update Retriever I never got working 100%
  3. Hi I still have problems with deploying Bitlocker in our environment (on laptops that don't need / haven't been reinstalled through SCCM yet) We switched to SCCM from Altiris around 2 years ago, the laptops that were installed through Altiris were setup with 2 partitions and the ones installed through SCCM I only installed Win7 Ent on 1 partition. See attached screenshots. Any ideas on the error message in the smsts.log file from the Altiris laptop (the one I have marked with a green square)?
  4. Hi I am going to try to use the script available here: http://www.niallbrady.com/2012/10/17/enabling-bitlocker-via-a-script-on-non-english-windows-7-installations-fails/ in my task sequence, it works under different language packs in Win7 if you remove "true" to true.
  5. Hi I made it work with the modified script available here: http://www.niallbrady.com/2012/10/17/enabling-bitlocker-via-a-script-on-non-english-windows-7-installations-fails/ There is one place in this script, where you have to remove "true" to true, then it will work for example under a Win7 Ent SP1 English with german lang pack, then the encryption starts fine.
  6. Hi Niall I have tried the modified version of Microsofts sample Bitlocker .vbs script that is available here: http://www.niallbrady.com/2012/10/17/enabling-bitlocker-via-a-script-on-non-english-windows-7-installations-fails/ Unfortunately it fails with the same error, even though we have enabled the 6 AD Schema objects needed for TPM backup: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/dd875533(v=ws.10).aspx See attached files. Do you know which of these TPM schema objects I can safely delete? The very odd thing is that if I switch back to English Win7SP1 Enterprise with
  7. the one for SP1, as my SCCM 2012 is still on the SP1 release (we are not yet deploying Windows 8 in our enterprise, waiting for Windows 10 to get to RTM version)
  8. Hi If I select ignore dependency in the drop down menu, I get this import error when importing the zipped task sequence in the SP1 folder:
  9. I get this attached error when I try to import this great task sequence in my SCCM 2012 SP1 server (using the .zip file in the SP1 folder). I followed the installation instructions and have done all other steps, what to do ?
  10. Hi Will this Frontend HTA work when Windows 10 RTM Enterprise will be out next year?
  11. The task sequence I have posted screenshots, is it also possible when it is working as intended to make a reference to it in an OS Deployment TS ?
  12. Hi Im wondering if anyone in here has some experience in deploying Bitlocker encryption from a SCCM task sequence? The steps in my task sequence have each been tested ok, want to make sure that it assigns the group policy that makes it required to save the Bitlocker recovery key in the AD under computer properties. I want to make sure it continues from Step 5 after it completes Step 4 (see my attached screenshots). The script source is this one: http://gallery.technet.microsoft.com/780d167f-2d57-4eb7-bd18-84c5293d93e3#content I have seen on test runs that this .vbs script
  13. Is this guide an easier way to get per user mapped network printers imported into SCCM 2012 ? http://myitforum.com/myitforumwp/2014/03/29/configmgr-inventory-per-user-network-printer-mapped-information-datashift-replacement/
  14. Hi Does anyone know what the below error indicates from the smts.log file ? Please also see attached screenshot from my task sequence in SCCM Executing command line: smsswd.exe /run: cmd.exe /c %windir%\system32\bdeHdCfg.exe -target default -size 300 -quiet TSManager 03-09-2014 16:17:23 6256 (0x1870) [ smsswd.exe ] InstallSoftware 03-09-2014 16:17:23 2876 (0x0B3C) PackageID = '' InstallSoftware 03-09-2014 16:17:23 2876 (0x0B3C) BaseVar = '', ContinueOnError='' InstallSoftware 03-09-2014 16:17:23 2876 (0x0B3C) ProgramName = 'cmd.exe /c C:\WINDOWS\system32\bdeHdCfg.exe -target default -s
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