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Client deploys but doesn't register / see MP

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I have set up a fresh instance of SCCM for the first time. Everything looks in order, just the one boundary (AD site) and boundary group. Client deploy but only shows 2 tasks (machine cycle and user cycle) and doesn't talk back to SCCM, therefore shows as clients 'none' in the console.

I can see the following errors:

failed to send management point list location request

failed to send registration request 0x87d00231

GetDPLocations failed with error 0x80072efe

Failed to get DP locations as the expected versions from MP 'ServerName' error 0x80072efe

I've been looking into this for some time to no avail. Help would be massively appreciated.

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I would look at the following:

  • the CCM client setup logs in C:\Windows\ccmsetup\logs
  • clientlocation.log and locationservices.log in the C:\Windows\CCM\Logs folder
  • did the MP role installation complete successfully? - check the MP status in the console and the MP logs on the MP server in SMS\Logs
  • is the client assigned to the site?

Attach the logs mentioned above if you are still having issues.

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We have opened everything up on central firewall and windows firewall for it, so that should be ok.
MP installation seems to have completed successfully and client does have site code assigned. What can i check with regards to cert?

I'm not sure im permitted to send full logs over i'm afraid (ill check that), but ClientLocation.log looks clear and states that 'client is now assigned to site 001'. However, LocationServices log is showing on of the errors from my original post 'failed to send management point list location request'

Attached is the error from ccmsetup

Thanks for your help with this


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I've also tried with local firewalls on server and client turned off.

Config manager on the client has a site code but seems to not be talking to the MP (everything is on one box in our setup) - despite config manager properties saying 'Assigned Management Point - <SERVER NAME>'

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