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Hi Everyone,
I have three sites divided by a wan link
I currently have one SCCM 2012r2SP1 primary site installed at location (A) with site code s01 , all clients from all sites report to this primary installation. From this primary site we also deploy images for only site (A.)
We need to deploy images at site (B) and site © and ideally would like the clients on these two other remote sites to get their updates from there aswell.
how do I achieve this.. Do I install servers at the remote site with something like this guide http://www.systemcenterdudes.com/sccm-2012-secondary-site-installation/
If I install two secondary sites
Q.1 will I be able to use the second site as a sup and DP along with PXE boot to deploy images
Q.2 on the primary site I have task for deploying windows how do I get the remote sites to use that task , while pxe booting from the secondary site.
q.3 when I create a deploy task sequence at site (a) the operating system image is located on the primary site server, Can I create another task sequence ,store the image at the remote site, so when a user reimages a machine via a task sequence the operating system is located locally.

Many Thanks

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Q1: yes

Q2: IPHelpers, talk to your networking team about this.

Q3: Yes; sortof, you still need to create it at your primary site but then you can deploy it to only the secondary sites.

Q4: They are all management from the primary site.

Q5. No. You don't need a CAS.

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