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How can I setup Software Updates in System Center Configuration Manager (Current Branch)

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Hi we currently have a WSUS server that pushes out updates via group policy, would it be possible to link the software updates to our current WSUS server so they content is downloaded from there? What I am trying to achieve is just to have all windows updates applied to our standard windows 7 image during the initial task sequence

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Hi. Thanks for your perfect guides. My LAB is Based on Server 2016. and SCCM is 1802. i have problem with Software update . i have two WSUS , one of them install at the SCCM server (Because i thought maybe  its require  ) .but in GPedit.msc i changed wsus path to  my main WSUS server . when i check wsyncmgr.log  it show everything synced complete and there was no problem(Synced 100%). but i can't see any update in All Software Update .  then i run ( Add SUP role.zip ) Script, and it's done complete without any problem.i checked again wsyncmgr.log and i face with that error (In the picture) .  so i check my Software update and there was nothing again.. so please tell me what should i have to do ? :) .

another question : do we need  WSUS Service On other server  or we need just Install WSUS role in SCCM Server??? ( now i have both of them )



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