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CCM Cache Folder c:\CCM\Cache since update 1511

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Hi All


Since we have upgraded our SCCM 2012 config mgr environment to update 1511 and upgraded our clients, first using the auto upgrade which proved problematic and then client push methods quite a few of the clients appear to be failing the client remediation and re-installing, often breaking the client requiring manual intervention.


So far approx 150 clients have repaired themselves and utilised default settings contained in the SWDistSchema.mof file on the client machine which set the client cache location to C:\CCM\Cache and a size of just 250mb


Reading posts online suggest the problem is present in update 1602.


Anyone else experience this and found a fix?



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anyone able to help?


We seem to have a problem with clients doing health check then remediating by doing a repair of the client which results in the issue.


thanks in advance

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Do you have any GPOs set that would change the cache size/location? Or even a GPO for the client installation?


What is leading me to think that is that if you were using the default settings the cache would be set to C:\Windows\CCMCache and the size would be (correct me if im wrong) 4 GB.

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Hi Treglen


No we dont have any GPO's that would change cache size or location. We don't use GPO for the client installation - we use client push for upgrading existing clients.


It's been a while but I think the default cache size is 5GB but ours is set to 15GB as we have a couple of large applications that can be installed overnight.


Doing some research it would appear that the settings are a default in the SWDistSchema.mof with the settings below:


Location = "C:\\CCM\\Cache";
Size = "250";
Inuse = "0";
NextAvailableId = "0";
This would explain why the location is being set to c:\CCM\Cache with a size of 250kb but doesn't explain why it's being reinstalled using these settings.
My guess is it's doing some kind of remediation and self repair but failing to use the settings applied during client install (via OSD or client push)

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