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SCCM Maintenance Window Collection Update.

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Hi All,


We have this specific collection under maintenance window that is not updated with some computer names we have on our site i seek advice with our SCCM admin and he is so busy atm. Is there a way i can force update/load some computer names that is missing so that they are included on advertisement we made?


Sorry for asking guys i am just beginning to know SCCM and i love it!


Any help will be much appreciated.


More power.

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if you want a computer to get an advertisement then that computer must be in a collection that the advertisement is advertised to


if it isnt in that collection then you need to find out how that collection is gettings computers inside it,


it can be in a variety of ways including


direct membership

or a query to place computers into the collection based on active directory security group membership


in it's easiest form you could just create a direct membership for a computer to add it to a collection, or simply install right click tools and add the computer that way

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