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PXE had been working, installed update today for the latest hotfix regarding KB4016483.

After this update, PXE is no longer working and gives a BCD error when trying to boot.  Hopefully someone has an answer for this as it is getting frustrating.


The Windows Boot Configuration Data (BCD) file from the PXE Server does not contain a valid operating System entry. Ensure that the Server has boot Images installed for this architecture.



Error code: 0x0c0000098


I’ve read that this was a problem in 2012 and all suggest removing the pxe setting to remove WDS and then selecting it back to have WDS install itself again. I’ve repushed my boot images out there and I can see them in C:\RemoteInstall\SMSImages.


SMSPXE.log shows the following few lines:


InstallBootFilesForImage failed. 0x80004005

Warning: Failed to copy the needed boot binaries from the boot image C:\RemoteInstall\SMSImages\COP00005\boot.COP00005.wim.

The operation completed successfully. (Error: 00000000; Source: Windows)

Failed adding image C:\RemoteInstall\SMSImages\COP00005\boot.COP00005.wim. Will Retry..

Unspecified error (Error: 80004005; Source: Windows)

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A colleague of mine had a similar issue with his configuration.  I think we ended up solving the issue by removing WDS (un-check option on your DP to respond to PXE), renaming the RemoteInstall directory (RemoteInstall.old), *edit* re-enable PXE support on the DP, and then re-creating his boot images (he had MDT integration, so we used that).  We did this for both x32 and x64 boot images.

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I believe the reason is that the RemoteInstalls folder does not get removed simply when the WDS role is uninstalled...as a result, you have an overlap of files that are corrupt and the new ones you need to implement. 

Don't forget that you need to have both the x32 and x64 images distributed to your DP.

Glad I could help!

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