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x86 & x64 Collections

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Hi Folks,

I need some help on creating collections for specific OS versions, right we have x86 OS installed on both 32 bit & 64 bit architecture so I'm look to create a collection for all x86 windows 7 clients doesn't matter if the architecture is 64 bit, and also a collection for all x64 windows 7 clients, has anyone had experience on do this?

any help would be great.



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This can be done by using the System Type attribute within the System class, this coupled with the Caption name within the OS Class is all that you need to do this.

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On ‎4‎/‎13‎/‎2017 at 9:24 AM, SMoRZ3 said:

Take a look at these, these might not be exactly what you need, but might get you closer....




I am currently using this method as a starting point. I also have modified the queries a little bit, as I am finding some didn't work properly or didn't give me the results I expected. It is easy though to change the query to manipulate exactly what you are asking.

Here's a link that has the query language that will do it based off of the OS


And here's one that will "Get all Workstations with Windows 7 and OS is 32-bit or 64-bit (WQL)"


The latter is architecture specific, but I figured I'd link to it in case you were interested.

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