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Secondary Server (No Longer in Use) Failed to Detach


Hey Guys / Niall - 

I've got a straightforward question for you all, please...  We recently retied a Secondary server which was installed temporarily and did so by choosing to uninstall it from the console.  Unfortunately, the uninstall seemed to only partially work.  The console currently doesn't show any reference to it or its site code, but we are being flooded with the below status message every ~30 minutes:

Site QDC has failed to detach. Refer to rcmctrl.log for further details.

The thing is, when looking in rcmctrl.log, there is no reference to QDC.  The server the secondary was installed to is still online and still has SQL installed, but nothing is installed related to SCCM - C:\Program Files\Microsoft Configuration Manager\ doesn't even exist.

I've tried running "preinst /delsite QDC", but it says "Cannot find site [QDC] in the site control data in the database. Checking in ServerData in the database. Failed to execute SQL query."  I also obviously cannot attempt an uninstall directly from the server as the Program Files no longer exist.  I'm pretty sure I've had to delete a site from the database long ago, but don't remember the exact details nor can find instruction online.

We are running SCCM 2012 R2 SP1 CU4 on top of Windows Server 2012 R2

Any suggestions?  Thanks!

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