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About to rip my hair out...  I might be way off.

Have learned allot from other posts regarding SCCM. So hoping to get some input on my silly problem.

I am using MDT v. 6.3.8443 And ADK v. 10.1.14393 (2012r2 Server)

What I cant get to work - or what I don't understand:

I am making a folder structure for drivers.

In Deployment workbench i got Out-of-Box Drivers\OS\Manufactor\HP ProBook 6470b

In the folder: \\Deploymentshare\Out-of-Box Drivers\OS\Manufactor\HP ProBook 6470b

When I try to import drivers inside of Workbench - in the HP ProBook 6470 folder all drivers get imported.

When i look inside the \\Deploymentshare\Out-of-Box Drivers folder, all drivers gets imported in the Out-of-Box Drivers "root" folder and not the \\Deploymentshare\Out-of-Box Drivers\OS\Manufactor\HP ProBook 6470b

Is this correct? Do I need to copy all the imported drivers to the correct folder, Or will that mess up the driver import?


Also want to use "Selection Profiles" to chose the right drivers. And from what think, all drivers must be categorized in a folder structure?

This is only a lab but planning on using MDT on student computers (workgroup computers)


Any tips or comments is very appreciated!

Thanks in advanced.

- Tom

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It's only in MDT Workbench you can sort drivers how you want them to. In the actual file folder structure in Windows, everything gets lumped togtether under the Out-of-Box Drivers folder. If you start change how MDT Workbench put in in the actual file folder, you will mess things up. Don't do that.

I use Johan Arwidmark's Total Control when it comes to driver management in MDT. See --> http://deploymentresearch.com/Research/Post/325/MDT-2013-Lite-Touch-Driver-Management

Edited by ITS-Andy

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Thanks for the reply.

Yes I've seen Johan's guides to driver management and was planning on going the "total control" way. I guess I was abit too stressed on Thursday before posting :)

Found out the hard way that I don't mess around with the Out-of-Box Drivers. Luckaly I did it when I just had one model!



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