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Software Updates - Best Practice to High Compliance

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We have been challenged to get 98%+ on Servers and Workstations and we usually get 9x%.

Challenges I am facing are Machines not checking, online, or Not active or not rebooting as they should.

What are you all doing to get Patch Compliance as High as possible.  Process, Collections, Deployments, etc?

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For server 98% is realistic after 1 week but it does mean a bit of work. Setting MW, Sizing the MW right, How often you have MW, etc. BTW, 100% for servers is realistic.

For WS 98% is UNREALISTIC even after a week. Hitting 90% is GREAT. But to hit higher %, you need to spend $$$s to get things like WOL. Before getting into this, I would do two things.

1) Set expectations. What is realistic, in terms of results? How much $$s is management willing to spend to bring the % up by 1%?

2) Define, exactly what you are measuring. Is it all SU? Is it just the SU that you are deploying? What is your process to decommission PCs? How do you handle PC where the owner is away on holidays? How exactly are you measuring the results? How exactly are your reporting on the results? This blog post will help you a bit with what you need to do. https://www.enhansoft.com/blog/how-to-perform-a-software-update-audit



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