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Standalone media not building at Distribution Point SCCM 1702

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Hi All,

I am facing some strange issue at remote DP.

Infra is running at 1702 CB, have a remote DP with a Console installed with Latest 1702 Version.

Now while creating a Task Sequence media for stand-alone at Remote DP we get a page to select the Distribution points, this page will be stuck there for 30 Minutes and will through an error, it’s not able to fetch the details for the Distribution points so that I can select the one locally and proceed further with the Media creation

If I try same thing at my Primary Site Server all woks great and Media gets generated.


Note: When I try to create only Boot media then the Distribution Points are reflection and I can proceed further with the Boot Media Creation but I need a Stand Alone media which is not working at this point of time.


I would really appreciate a quick response on this one.



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ping me tomorrow and i can test it in my env, email me at niall @ windowsnoob . com

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Thanks Admin. 

This is bit strange, I don’t mean to say that Issue with SCCM CB 1702, I can build standalone media at certain another remote DP however it’s not working for 1 reason like USA.

When I try to build media, it tries to look for the DP’s list however after some time it throws an error and seems like its time out.


Please let me know if I can attach some logfiles for you to look if any issues, I suspect something wrong with the network, however at the same time if I try to build a Boot Media at same Remote DP it is able to fine the DP’s list and working fine.


Its only failing at Standalone media

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