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Can't get application collection working

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__GENUS          : 2
__CLASS          : Win32Reg_AddRemovePrograms
__DYNASTY        : Win32Reg_AddRemovePrograms
__RELPATH        : Win32Reg_AddRemovePrograms.ProdID="{93F653D3-ED8B-4A04-BA58-3DF60B37D58B}"
__DERIVATION     : {}
__NAMESPACE      : root\cimv2
__PATH           : \\NAME_HIDDEN\root\cimv2:Win32Reg_AddRemovePrograms.ProdID="{93F653D3-ED8B-4A04-BA58-3DF60B37D58B}"
DisplayName      : IBM Spectrum Protect Client
InstallDate      : 20170621
ProdID           : {93F653D3-ED8B-4A04-BA58-3DF60B37D58B}
Publisher        : IBM
Version          : 08.01.0000
PSComputerName   : NAME_HIDDEN


OK. Here is my issue. I have created a collection that I am attempting to populate with all computers that contain the specific application listed above (IBM Spectrum Protect Client). I created the collection and a query using the criteria button, added the installed application, and chose the display name to match what is contained above. I do membership update, yet no computers appear in the collection. 

I can run a report (Companies & Products > Computers with specific software registered in Add Remove Programs) and match the same Display name, and return results.

The reason I need the collection for the specific software, is I need to install an update that is only applicable to the specific version listed. 




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select *  from  SMS_R_System inner join 
SMS_R_System.ResourceId where 
Spectrum Protect Client" and 

Here is the query language. 

And the Criteria that I specified which generated it.


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3 minutes ago, GarthMJ said:

This query will only find x86 version of the software. 

You will need to update the collection to gather x64 version too.



You are a lifesaver. The application is only 64-bit. Thanks!! And thank you for the nice guide on conducting two queries for collections :)

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