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Windows 10 1703 LanguagePacks

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Hi Everybody,

We are working on a new image with Windows 10 1703 en-US, but now we have a customer who wants the nl-NL languagepack to be installed. What I have done:

- Created an unattended.xml with settings 

- Created a package for the languagepack
- Created a MDT task sequence step to install the offline languagepack

Started the deployment, languagepack seems to be installed alright, but when the machine boots up, only the date/time are in Dutch. So the display-language is still in English.

After that I installed the Dutch languagepack via lpksetup.exe, rebooted the machine and now everything is in Dutch.

It seems that Windows 10 is trying to contact Windows Update to search for the display language packages, but Windows Update is blocked, because everything is going via SCCM.


Any advice is very welcome on how to install this on the right way.

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In your guide you have created several OSD Language Device Collections.

The problem is that all of our task sequence are deployed to the Unknown Computers Collection. And via MDT they are getting there domain, OU and computername.

Is there any other option to set the variables?

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you can set the variables in lots of ways, on a collection (as per my example), on the computers them selves (more work), in the task sequence (based on some other variable or setting),

it's up to you how you set them

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It is still in English instead of Dutch.

In the smsts.log I can see that he detected the collection variable and installed the languagepack.

As you can see in the 2nd screenshot he is looking for the languagepack on Windows Update.



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so you followed my guide exactly ? what does the unattend.xml file reveal (check the troubleshooting section of my guide to see what it's writing to that file during the task sequence)

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So did you figure it out already?

We're also doing some tests with multi-language images. In our case up till now we used the dutch media for Windows 10 1709 and in the reference image I injected the english language pack and features on demand such as OCR, text to speech etc. I managed to get a working deployment of a system where the image language was based on Dutch with the English language pack installed and applied after logging on.

We'd also like a deployment where the base language is Dutch but with the English language pre-installed so users can easily switch. For some reason only the Dutch language is visible under languages and not the English. Users still have to add it themselves.

The next obvious step is to not use the NL base image but use the English-US version instead, add the NL language pack and make sure that after logging in everything is in Dutch. Will try that scenario later this week.
To me it seems the dutch media is just a English-US media with the Dutch language pack injected because when you check 'dism /online /get-intl' with dutch language based media and injecting the English-US language pack, this is what you get.


Language Options



So... using a dutch based media, injecting the english-US language pack in the reference image and using a customized unattend.xml does the trick when wanting to switch from NL to EN but when choosing to have the OS in NL the extra injected language pack en-US is not pre-installed.

I've tried several methods for installing language packs including the one in the guide on this site (using offline language packs installation) but it still does not give me the results I want. Been struggling for some time now and it seems I am going around in circles so I'd appreciate your input on this since it seems you are trying to achieve the same thing.

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