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MDT 2013 Windows 7 Image Capturing for Multiple branded PC best practice

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I am trying to capture Windows 7 PC Image(which contains OS+SWs like Adobe,MS Office and all other SW without Hardware Drivers)to push to multiple different Hardware PCs.

I read few articles regarding Windows Image Capturing is it best practice to Capture OS+SW without driver installed in VM and then import it to Task Sequence and push to multiple physical Host Machines??

I have little doubts, please help me to clear.

1. Is it the best practice to deploy captured OS With Software importing from Virtual Machine or can capture fresh OS of host physical PC itself as in my case we have multiple brand PC with same software to install for all the PCs but different drivers?

2.  I even read in few articles to Disable the option Execute Sysprep in Task Sequence instead to manually execute the SYSPREP option logging into Windows 7 PC and executing the command SYSPREP with following options

System Cleanup Action--->Enter System Out of Box Experience OOBE

Enabling Generalize

Shutdown options-->Restart


3.What will be the problem if instead of running sysprep manually why shouldn't be configured in Task Sequence itself?

4.After running sysprep and launching the \\DeploymentShare$\Scripts\LiteTouch.vbs to capture the image into MDT+WDS Server, should I include this captured ISO image into WDS Server? as i didn't seen in any article to include this capture image into WDS Server..

Request to please help on these doubts to carry further..

Thanks in advance..

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here are my replies


1. always use virtual machines to build and then capture your master image. That keeps the image driver agnostic.

2.the following guide shows you the process from beginning to end, https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/deployment/deploy-windows-mdt/create-a-windows-10-reference-image,

3. see above

4.see above

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