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Upgrading to System Center Configuration Manager (Current Branch) version 1802

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7 hours ago, RiDER07 said:

1802 failed to download and breaks 1706 and 1710 download along the way.

Would you mind having a look at my logs?  I have checked and everything looks fine.  No errors.  It kept downloading in a loop.  Look at the time stamp in some of the screenshot.










can you try rebooting the server, and try again please ?

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Yes, I saw that earlier too, but then noticed that the date for that error was on the 17th around 11:00.

So I figured that might have been generated when network services was either patching or running a backup.

As of yesterday just prior to the upgrade I see:

     INFO: SQL Connection succeeded. Connection: SMS ACCESS, Type: Secure

I also checked the login properties for NT AUTHORITY/SYSTEM and it has sysadmin Server Role. I don't see any other such errors with regards to login.

After the initial install failure, I did get and error in SQL Management Studio, when I tried to right click and get properties for CM database, however, this was resolved after restarting the server. Here was the error:

   TITLE: Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio

   Cannot show requested dialog.


   Cannot show requested dialog. (SqlMgmt)

   Property Size is not available for Database '[CM_P03]'. This property may not exist for this object, or may not be retrievable due to insufficient access rights.  (Microsoft.SqlServer.Smo)

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Yes, Niall. I was surprised that Djammer replied so quick. I just finished filing a bug with Win10 Feedback Hub app and tweeted that back to him. I am still stuck with trying to see what's up. When would you like to have a look with teamviewer? Would appreciate your insight.

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What's everyone doing for the MDT & ADK versions ?  Will be have new ones that need installing at the same time as the SCCM 1802 upgrade ?  Or will we have to wait for Win10 1803 to be released before we see MDT/ADK updates..


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