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I have a list users by AD user name and in SCCM I need create a report of users with a specific application installed

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Hello Community!


So, the world was just asked of me (as with all IT folks). We have about 200 users we think have 2 applications installed on their computer we will call SAPGUI and SAPSLC. I was asked to run a report that will show which users have the applications installed on their computer. Here is the problem: I was only given a spreadsheet with employees username (ex. jthomas) which by the way have were all discovered in SCCM after running AD User Discovery. I haven't used much reporting and have limited use on quries until, well now. *sigh

Any idea how I can accomplish this? 


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I would start by looking at the builtin report to see if ARP reports give you what you want? until that is confirmed there is no point trying to join a user name to a computer.

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