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abortpxe.com becaus of drivers?


Just after the the boot file has been loaded, the customized backgroung image and the TS appears saying "Windows is starting up". After that i can recognize very quickly, that it tries to Set Up Network and then the PXE is aborted.


What is the problem?


I have added NIC drivers from Intel as suggested on this site and allready postet a question on Anywebs explanation to NIC drivers here


Finally my client sais again "Contacting Server <IP> (Gateway" which is not true, it is set to and "Pending Request ID: 30" as well as further down: "TFTP Download: smsboot\x86\abortpxe.com"


I receive an IP from the DHCP which is running on another server than the SCCM and WDS. the BootFile is also downloaded. All the needed Folders are Shares. I have added an AutoAplyDrivers AND an ApplyDrivers in the TS which are set to "Install all compatible drivers" as well as "Do unattended installation..."


Is it the boot image generated from SCCM? (it is finalized and contains the needed drivers. Not done with DISM but by updating the DP). In the boot imagePackage sequence i also added both, the SMSPXE and the <SERVERName>-Distribution Points.


Is it the TS?


(PS: I have also CLeared the last PXE Advertisements)


Any Ideas? (the smsts.log can't be read cause I'm BUILD-AND-CAPTURING from a BareMetal)


cheers A.

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Hi Niall


I deleted my vm and right now I am building a Reference Machine so I can capture it. Due to lack of virtual disk-space on our esx-server, I had to delete it to go ahead.


But I allready had gone through these steps of clearing last PXE-Adds and re-creating a new client...


Hope it will work for the capture.


Is it true that windows 7 machines aren't sysprepped?



cheers Anna

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