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Wipe and Install Windows 10 from Windows 7 OEM

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I have inherited a system where there are 50+ workstations that are running Windows 7 Ultimate OEM 32Bit.  I want to push out a Task Sequence that performs the following;

  1. Captures the PC Name
  2. Reboots the PC
  3. Goes into WinPE
  4. Installs Windows 10 Enterprise 
  5. Joins the domain

All user docs are redirected to the servers so I do not need to save the users settings

I have tried to create numerous tasks sequences but always running into can't upgrade 32-64 bit, OEM license won't allow you to run an upgrade....

I just want to Wipe and Replace but don't want to walk to each workstations.

Can someone please assist in pointing me in the correct direction of a guide, Step-By-Step (which this site is great for) or some guidance?

Thank You

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I haven't tested that exact scenario so can't guarantee this will work but you could try this approach and see what happens



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The "Install an existing image package" task sequence option pretty much does that in that order. 

I would manage the subnets with SCCM then push the SCCM client to the W7 machines. Once they have inventoried the computer name will be in SCCM then you can deploy the task sequence to them. 

Obviously import the drivers for the hardware and test first!

Don't see why you would get upgrade licence problems on a wipe n load. 

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I'm sure it matters, but I'm running SCCM 2012 R2 SP1 with the latest ADK for 1903.

@anyweb is the exact scenario different than normal? What's weird that is different from your "exact scenario" . Is it the "Capture Name"

I'm kind of surprised that a wipe and reload is out of the ordinary for a SCCM OS push install. 

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