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FREE eBook - The SysAdmin Guide to Azure Infrastructure as a Service

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Many system administrators have been working with on-premises infrastructure for their
whole careers so moving to a cloud-based environment can feel like a leap of faith.
However, making the leap to Azure doesn’t have to be daunting. With the right preparation
it can be a smooth transition, consistent with your current on-premises configuration.  
This free eBook written by veteran IT consultant and Microsoft Certified trainer Paul
Schnakenberg covers all aspects of setting up and maintaining a high-performing Azure IaaS
environment. It starts from the very basics, introducing key terms and features you need to
get started, including migration, and goes on to explain everyday maintenance and best
practices before covering more advanced features.
To get the best results from this eBook, it is recommended to follow along with the step-by-
step tutorials using your own Azure subscription. If you don’t currently have access, the
eBook explains how to set up a free 30-day trial alongside $200 worth of Azure resources to
use and 12 months of additional free resources!
Altaro consistently delivers high-quality eBooks that are packed full of valuable guidance for
system administrators and this latest eBook is no exception. If you currently use Azure IaaS
or are planning to use it, this is an awesome free resource that you definitely should not
Download your free eBook today

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