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Problems with Backup

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Got a problem with the backup. After it completes the SCCM Central site stops working??

And the event log is flooded with the following:


"A timeout (30000 milliseconds) was reached while waiting for a transaction response from the SMS_EXECUTIVE service."


Also on the attachment you can see that almost every service is stopped, and when trying to start it the service just "hangs".

The only solution is a reboot of the server.


The central site is a Windows Server 2008 64 bit, with MS SQL 2008 SP1 64 bit.

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what does the smsbkup.log say ? is sql server running on the same server as you are backing up ?



Hello anyweb


This is my new central site server, and the SQL is on the same server. There are no errors, only a warning.

It looks like Volume Shadow Copy kills all the SCCM services, and they cant start again. And the event viewer is flooded with "SMS_EXECUTIVE service error", only a reboot helps.


"Warning: Backup location and the sms sql data/log files are on the same volume. Sms Backup creates snapshot of the volume using VSS services and then copies the data to the backup location. It is advisable to have the backup location on a different volume (different than the one that has SMS data and SMS database files), so that the writes to the volume is minimal when the volume snapshot is active."


Backup task completed successfully with zero errors but there could be some warnings, AFTERBACKUP.BAT will be started if available in its predefined location.

Unable to initiate AFTERBACKUP.BAT. This file does not exist at its predefined location

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I'm getting this exact same issue on one of my primary servers. It's odd because I have 3 primary servers all built the same and yet it only happens on this one.

I found this KB article with a hotfix available - but at the moment, the website isn't avaailable for some reason. If I manage to get on it and get the hotfix I'll let you know how it goes.


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