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Mr. Anyweb, you are a knowledgeable man, I have an issue with Intune that Microsoft will not help me with.  I am an individual, not a company so their support said they can't help me.   I guess paying $29 per month does not cut it 😉


I have VMWorkstation setup and within VMWorkstation I have stood up AD, SCCM, SQL, DHCP, DNS etc....   
I setup an Azure subscription for $29 per month.
I have integrated Intune with SCCM.
I can log into portal.azure.com and I can see the Users and Groups from my AD/SCCM server.

In SCCM I see my Intune Tenant.
From my portal.azure.com website  when I go to Intune it takes me to a different portal ...MDM.   Once there everything I click on says NO ACCESS.  

What do I need to do so IntuneAutopilot works?   Do I have to pay more money?  Or do I configure something?  My gut tells me you have another amazing document???  


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hi there

when you say 'integrated sccm with intune' can you be more specific ?

also what version of ConfigMgr are you using ? what licenses are applied to your users in Azure/Intune, and have you configured anything in relation to Autopilot in Intune ?

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