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Batch Script vs PowerShell

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Hi Guys, Am not too good with batch script and PowerShell and am trying to amend an existing batch script to do a certain install but I keep 

getting "system error 55 has occurred" on the network drive path of the line, and also " error code 1605" for the install command part of the script 

I am trying to find a way to re write the scrip using PowerShell. the main action is to perform an install of an application which upgrades or updates

the current application to  new version on the local server. I want to re use the same script for other devices too. 


I hope the above makes some sense. 

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some irrelevant part of the contents was not needed

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can you go into some detail, include snippets of what you have now and what you'd like to achieve, otherwise we are just left wondering...

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