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ok, I have fixed 1 issue only to replace it with another.   I have VMWorkstation setup.  I have created 2 new Virtual Networks.  18 & 19.  

18 - bridged - Ethernet Connection
19 - bridged - Wireless

I have 1 DC running Server 2019.  It has both networks added so it can get to my Router (i.e. outside Internet) and the other is for internal traffic within my VM world.

I have 1 SCCM server that has both vnets setup the same way.

I have another VM, it too has both vnets 18 & 19 setup the same way.

Now the odd part.   My DC is   My Linksys router is

On my other VM I PXE boot it.   It starts to connect to my SCCM Boot Image called TST0005.   It brings up my task sequence menu.  But as it was pulling down the TST0005 boot image it was connected to the 192.168.5.x Linksys network.

How can that be?  Everything is running with VMWorkstation.


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How can that be?  Everything is running with VMWorkstation

i think you answered your own question, have you tried hyper-v ? why have 2 nics connected to the ConfigMgr server ?

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