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deploy W7 via mdt2010?

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I'd like to setup a deployment suite where I can deploy any windows image onto the computers in my company.


I need to be able to setup as few images as possible, but I need to option to add drivers and other application packages.


I can do this in MDT, but... it seems to only work if I burn the endresult image onto a dvd or other physical drive..


I'd to push out the image(s) via pxe..!


Anyone have any good ideas? what are my options?

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yes, thanks.. I am way past this now.. I did som *shock* research ..! of course, I've hit multiple snags since, but that's all part of learning isn't it.


thank you for taking the time to respond!!


I would use SCCM rather than WDS. It does rely on WDS but you do not configure WDS just SCCM, it allows you to deploy multiple OS images and software as well, you can add in different drivers on a single image; the actual bonus is the extra features like software metering and remote tools.


There is also a free alternative to SCCM / WDS; although I have no experience in this. The link is: http://wpkg.org/WPKG_overview


Kind Regards

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