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  1. this is a great guide that I've used.. but 1 question.. how do I make sure that update check is disabled? I've set the settings via orca, but automatic check for updates is still enabled? is there no way to completely disable all update checks in itunes?
  2. I've been trying to get this work. I also wanted the last script to clear last logged in user. Never got it working with the above steps. Ended up creating a scheduled task to run the final script.. That worked :-)
  3. Win-Noob.. why are you deploying as an Application, and not as a package?
  4. I found the problem and it had nothing to do with registry settings or similar.. I had, at the end of my TS, inserted a reboot... When you add a reboot to your TS it automatically sets an option to boot into the Bootimage associated with the TS.. which means instead of booting into the installed OS it booted into the bootimage.. and thus set registry keys to reflect this.. being in provisioning mode..
  5. Adding the 2 command lines didn't work for me.. I'm not sure if they're actually getting added at all .. but adding the lines severely messed up my TS.
  6. Hi yes, thanks.. I am way past this now.. I did som *shock* research ..! of course, I've hit multiple snags since, but that's all part of learning isn't it. thank you for taking the time to respond!!
  7. Hi I'd like to setup a deployment suite where I can deploy any windows image onto the computers in my company. I need to be able to setup as few images as possible, but I need to option to add drivers and other application packages. I can do this in MDT, but... it seems to only work if I burn the endresult image onto a dvd or other physical drive.. I'd to push out the image(s) via pxe..! Anyone have any good ideas? what are my options?
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