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how can I deploy an application in SCCM 2007


This guide assumes you have installed SCCM 2007 and then configured it as outlined here in Part 1 you must then do the additional configuration outlined in Part 2, and you must have completed the final configuration tasks in Part 3.



Step 1. Create the Package


In this example we are going to deploy Firefox (Firefox Setup 3.0.1.exe).


To make updating versions of Firefox easier (this will be covered later in this guide) we will rename the file from Firefox Setup 3.0.1.exe to Firefox.exe. We then copy that file to d:\sccm_packages\apps\firefox (your path may vary).


Startup your Configuration Manager console (gui) and click on Site Database/Computer Management/Software Distribution and then select Packages in the left pane.




right click on packages and choose New/package a wizard will begin




fill in the package properties as you wish in General




For Data Source, place a check in This package contains source files and click on Set to specify the source of the sccm package




change the source directory location to Local drive on site server and browse to the path

of your Firefox package next click ok and then set the schedule to update the distribution points




set your Data Access options (I left them as default)




don't make any changes to the packages priority unless you think you really need it to have a higher priority, if that is the case then you could set the priority for the package in distribution settings to high




keep the MIF properties as default




set the Security rights for the package class and instance rights




review the summary of choices you made




and click next to install the package, you'll then see a confirmation that it's installed



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Step 2. Create a Program for the package



In Configuration Manager console, expand our newly added Mozilla Firefox package and right click on Program, choose New from the list of options




fill in the program details (we are using the -ms switch for installing firefox silently, for a list of application silent switches please see this page on MSFN.org





choose All X86 Windows Vista and All X86 Windows XP for the program requirements




set the environment variables (choose Program can run whether or not the user is logged on)




leave the advanced settings as they are




our package is not a Windows Installer package so we can ignore this page also




place a checkmark in the MOM alert option if the program fails




review the program summary and click next to proceed




click Close to finish.



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Step 3. Advertise the Package


Once a software distribution package has been created, along with programs to tell client computers what to do with the package, you need to advertise the program that you want the clients to run. Advertising the program makes a program available to a specified collection of clients.


In the Configuration Manager console, navigate to System Center Configuration Manager / Site Database / Computer Management / Software Distribution / Advertisements, right click on Advertisements and choose New Advertisement.




fill in your details for the advertisemet and click on the browse buttons to choose the package/program/collection as nescessary:


Note: In the screenshot below, the Firefox Application is going to be Advertised to the All Systems collection and all sub collections, in a LAB environment that is ok but in a production environment you would want to carefully plan what computers (or users) would get the software, you can do that by using this method (recommended).




when prompted about distribution points, click yes (we will update the distribution point later)




set the advertisement schedule




and click on the yellow star to set mandatory settings




review the changes




review your distribution point settings on a fast or slow lan...




customise the interaction by setting the time interval to 15 minutes




review the security instance/class rights




we will get an Advertisement summary, click on next to finish



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Step 4. Create and Update Distribution point

In SCCM Configuration Manager console, highlight the package we created in Step 1 and right click on it, choose Distribution Points/New Distribution Point.


when the welcome to New Distribution Points wizard appears click Next


Select your SCCM server from the list and click next


review the summary and click close


Now we need to Update the distribution point we've just created with our advertisement package so right click on distribution points and choose update distribution points


answer yes when prompted


To speed up distribution of the Advertisements you may want to initiate the User Policy Retrieval & Evaluation Cycle and the Machine Policy Retrieval & Evaluation Cycle which are in the Actions tab of the Configuration Manager properties in control panel (on your client computers....)


Below are some screenshots of Firefox and Office packages being deployed to the sccm client computer

New Program Ready (Office)



Assigned (firefox)




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