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How can I shorten the deployment cycle to thousands of PC in SCCM 2007?

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Hello everyone,


We had a top urgent Microsoft patch to be deployed and it is required to reach 95% successful rate on over 6000 PC within 2 weeks, and we ran it through software updates and package.


I want to know Which settings in SCCM or methods can help us to shorten the deployment cycle?

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The only thing I can think of is to re-configure how often the clients scan for updates so that they do that as soon as possible, perhaps once a day.

How did you configure the deadline? I would configure it as soon as possible as well to have a change to catch as many clients as possible within the two weeks.




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Yes I did, but again the min time is 5 mins as default/least -I guess, policy retrival time. I want this to be ASAP or may be as soon as user logs in.

SCCM 2007 R3

App-v 4.6 SP1 client

Virtual Apps delivered from Local DP, with ASAP option, Streamed.

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OK, this is what we are trying to achieve.

When the users login they should be able to use the virtual applications (that we have advertised to Stream from the DP), generally this takes time, in our case default is 60mins, but for a specific users group we want to make sure that when they login SCCM client should retrieve the policies ASAP, so App-v agent can pull the streamed applications and launch the same for them (as per requirement).

We have managed to reduce the time from "Modify Collections Setting" option to 1:21Mins, but now we are looking for "at logon".

I am trying to follow these scripts but cant make them work:


Any simple idea would really make my life easy. I hope I am making sense.


Really appreciate your help.

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