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HTA frontends for SCCM

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What is a HTA ?

The term HTA is actually an acronym: it’s short for HTML Application. For our purposes an HTA is nothing more than a way to provide a graphical user interface for your scripts. As we’ve already noted, neither WSH nor VBScript provide much in the way of graphical user interface elements: no check boxes, no list boxes, no nothing. Internet Explorer, however, makes use of all of these elements - and more. Because an HTA leverages Internet Explorer, you can take advantage of all these graphical user interface elements when writing system administration scripts. (And, yes, we’re going to show you how to do just that.)

How closely related are HTML files and HTAs? Well, take any HTML file and change the file extension from .htm (or .html) to .hta. Congratulations: you’ve just created your first HTA.

Where Can I get some HTA’s ? check out the samples below:-


The CM12 BitLocker HTA




Introducing the BitLocker FrontEnd HTA
Multipurpose HTA with BitLocker Support for all three common scenarios, backup, reinstall, new computer


Windows-noob Front End
right here !

windows-noob frontend.jpg

SCCM Operating System Deployment – Front-end HTA -http://joshuasmueller.wordpress.com/2010/06/15/sccm-operating-system-deployment-front-end-hta/

Johan ArwidMarks' Pretty Good Frontend - http://prettygoodfro...d.codeplex.com/ hi Johan !!

arwidmark frontend.jpg

Maik Koster's Pretty Good Frontend Clone - http://myitforum.com...ntendclone.aspx


Location Deployment wizard from the deployment guys here

Location Wizard 02_thumb_2.png


here's a good resource on myitforum with hta files to make the deployment more user friendly


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