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Hyper V problem with Virtual Machine Bus in Device Manager

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I imported some VHD's from Microsoft Virtual PC to Hyper V, and I noticed that one of my VM's had a problem, I couldn't add a second network card to it (I could add it in settings, but it would never appear as a new device on the VM or in the VM's device manager), so I checked out the device manager, there was a device with a yellow exclamation mark on it called VMBus. Double clicking on that showed me the following error


This device cannot find enough free resources that it can use. (Code 12)


After some googling I found this post and the advice in there was spot on, I had already installed my Intergration Services Setup disk and rebooted, but my problem remained, the VMBus was now called Virtual Machine Bus but still no network, so I ran MSCONFIG, clicked on boot, then clicked on the advanced tab and put a checkmark in Detect HAL, I clicked ok and reboot, some windows drivers were redetected and lo and behold my problem disappeared !




cheers !



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