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I've been getting my info from this site for some time now. Great stuff and a big thank you for that!


But I've come across a problem which I can't seem to find a solution for. I want to deploy software through AD security groups in which I put our computer objects. SCCM doesn't seem to cope with that though. You can create a user collection and link it to a security group, but then only users which are linked to the group get the software. That works just fine. I tried putting computer objects in there, but they won't get it. Only users will. Since I want the installation to be computer based instead of user based, that doesn't work for me.


I then tried to create a device collection (which seems more logical to me than a user collection) and I thought I chose the perfect membership rule by using "System Resource/Security Group Name". But to my surprise no security groups are found. When I enter a wildcard in the value box, I only get to see client names. No security groups whatsoever. Security groups seem to be only linked to user collections. Why can't I see them? If the option is there, I should get to see them, right? This part really confuses me.


Of course I can create device collections within SCCM as a solution, but I want to be able to manage software deployment through AD so we can drag a computer to a security group in order for the client to get the software.


Is this the way it is designed, or am I overlooking something here? Or is there a way to get around this? I really hope there is, but I can't seem to find much about it on the Net. I don't understand why this doesn't seem possible. It just seems so logical.


Any help/thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

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It will work but there are a few issue with using security groups for a PC.

  • The PC needs to reboot to get the update security token
  • A full AD discovery need to run.


Also I have found that the way to write the collection will have an effect on the way the deployment work. This WQL query will work:


  SMS_R_System.SystemGroupName = "GARTEK\\Visio 2007 PC"

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Thanks guys. Haven't seen that article yet and am reading through it now. So basically the way I wanted to do it is impossible? I need to do this through a task sequence? That's actually a shame.


Will get back on my progress, but I need some time to go through it all. :)

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Just a quick note to say your query seems to do the trick, GarthMJ! I will test some more, but I've linked this query to a device collection based installation which in turn is linked to the security group and just a moment ago the software got delivered. Will keep on testing the next couple of days, but it's looking very good. Thanks a lot!

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