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Package distribution in progress

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I am migrating my sccm environment from 2007 to 2010 SP1 and I have a problem with distribution points.

The migration went fine (I migrated the packages, collections, updated the distribution points : some of them still use windows Server 2003)


I was able to distribute contents for applications and i migrated some packages to the new application model with package conversion manager.


I had to remove some "content locations" for some packages then I had to add them again.

But the content distribution is still "in progress" (Message: "Content transfer was instructed to send content to the distribution point")

Even if the DP is on the LAN, the packages are still not copied.


I do not find any information about the closest DP in the distmgr.log file

In the PkgXFerMgr.log, I can see the send request is pending.


Send Request 100ED100~ Job: J6NLAPWB Destination: SRV-XXX ~ State: Pending Status: Action: None~ Total size: 0 k Remaining: 0 k Heartbeat: 14:00~ Start: 12:00 Finish: 12:00 Retry: ~ SWD PkgID: 00000051 SWD Pkg Version: 20


You can find attached an example for a test package.

I tried to change the distribution priority to high but it doesn't change anything.


Is SCCM supposed to give a higher priority to a nearer distribution point ?

Can i have an idea of how SCCM schedules its package distribution queue ?

Is there a maximum number of packages that I can distribute at the same time ?


Thank you for your help.


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