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ImageX is a tool which is part of the Windows Automated Installation Kit (WAIK) and can be used to mount and modify the content of Windows Image (WIM) files.


To use imageX you could create a WinPE cdrom or usb key with the imagex tool on it, then boot a system that you wish to create an image of or copy an image to, for example (to copy the contents of a machine to a Windows Image (WIM) file) do as follows:-


e:\imagex.exe /compress fast /capture x:/vistaultimate.wim "Windows Vista Ultimate Edition" /verify


where e:\ is the usb Key/CD with WinPE on it, and x:/ is your network share (or external hdd).


To image another machine with this captured image do as follows:-


Boot from the cd/usb key with WinPE and the imagex.exe tool on it, then


e:\imagex.exe /apply x:/vistaultimate.wim 1 c:


To edit a WIM file using imageX see this post.





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Hi Anyweb

I am all new to this community, but I already like it. I am looking for resources about ImageX, WDS and other tools to create Windows Images for deployment and management.

This one is a good start to begin capturing and applying my first images. Hope you have more of this stuff :)

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