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  1. Hi guys I am all new to using ImageX to capture images of Windows 7 and could use a good advice. I have made myself a customized Windows PE image that I have added an additional folder called “Tools” to. In this folder I have added some command line tools that might be handy to have when I boot on my Windows PE image. It would be nice if this path was included to the path environment at boot time so I don't need to change directory to use these command line tools. How can I easily add an extra path environment to my Windows PE image?
  2. Anyone has been looking at the new Certifications for Windows Server 2012? http://www.microsoft.com/learning/en/us/certification/cert-windows-server-MCSA.aspx
  3. Nice, I am on my way to download it PowerShell 3.0 is an integrated part of Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 right?
  4. Hi Anyweb I am all new to this community, but I already like it. I am looking for resources about ImageX, WDS and other tools to create Windows Images for deployment and management. This one is a good start to begin capturing and applying my first images. Hope you have more of this stuff
  5. Great guide, it was just what I needed to add Danish keybord to my WinPE image :-)
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