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  1. Hi All, I've recently came across an issue and it is described as follows. Client has been rebuilt recently and there are a couple of advertisements before rebuilding. The advertisements which I'm now trying to deploy have got failed before rebuild. A couple of advertisements ran successfully on this computer after rebuild however, the advertisements which I want are not installed. I have tried to run the Machine policy evaluation action however, the policy is not downloaded. I've checked in SCCM Right click tools for Rerun advertisements however now none of the advertisements appear there. I've tried to check through Client actions center->Advertisements->Show Adv however none of the advertisements get populated there. My Advertisment-> schedule-> Program rerun Behavior ->that Rerun if failed previous time.
  2. Hi Eswar, I've the log file list however, I was trying to know a step by step sequence sought of detail. I'd like to know what log I've to check on the Management point after a package is created. Like Pkginfo.log and any associated inbox folder. Once the package is created and if it is updated on the distribution points. 1) Distmgr.log --Site server 2) replmgr.log 3) despool.log I'm trying to know the sequential order. I would like to know something similar to what is mentioned in the following link. http://blogs.technet.com/b/sudheesn/archive/2011/02/01/troubleshooting-part-vi-software-distribution.aspx
  3. Hi All, I'm trying to know the list of log files for SCCM Software Distribution. In most cases we find "No status" in the report. I know that Execmgr.log is the log file which "Records Advertisements that run" on client machine. Let me tell you about the infrastructure. We have a primary site server with more than 20 Secondary sites. We deploy software randomly on a custom collection to few computers. We have limited access to reports and we would only be able to see all Advertisements for the site. I'm trying to know all the list of log files which needs to be checked to know the status. 1) Is the package distributed to a Branch distribution point 2) Is the client able to receive the advertisement.
  4. Learning SCCM 2012...

  5. Second time in a row...well deserved!!!
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