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Step By Step Guides - System Center Configuration Manager 2007

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hi all,

I've put together a list of some of the step by step System Center Configuration Manager guides i've created to help those of you who are starting with SCCM and for those of you using SCCM in a lab environment, this list is constantly growing and hopefully it will make it easier for you to find the area that interests you.

Note: If you are looking for Configuration Manager 2012 (SCCM 2012) content please check this list.

The main areas in this index are as follows:

* Setup SCCM
* Updating SCCM
* Deploying Windows Updates using SCCM
* Deploying Applications
* Deploying OS
* Capturing OS
* Task Sequences
* Migrating Data using USMT
* Asset Intelligence
* Troubleshooting and Other
* HTA's and Web Services

I hope that these guides help you to get your Lab up and running in record time and prepare yourself for Production.


Setup SCCM

Installing SCCM

Installing SCCM 2007 in Windows 2008

SCCM 2007 configuration guide - Part 1 covers: setting site boundaries and verifying the site name is configured for Active Directory and setting and configuring the site system roles.

SCCM 2007 configuration guide - Part 2 covers: Configuring the Distribution Point (DP) and the Management Point (MP), adding Authoring rules in WebDav and changing WebDav settings, making sure the System Management container in Active Directory has the correct permissions for SCCM, checking and fixing errors in SCCM System Status.

SCCM 2007 configuration guide - Part 3 covers:Configuring the Client Agents, setting up client installation methods and configuring discovery methods.

Installing the Configuration Manager Admin Console
How can I install the Configuration Manager 2007 Console in Windows 8 [July 19th, 2012]

What Version of SCCM is installed ?
Which version is Installed ?

how can I backup my SCCM server
backup is a good idea

Updating SCCM

How can I update/upgrade SCCM Sp1 to Sp2
Updating to SP2

Upgrading ConfigMgr Client after SP2 upgrade
How can I upgrade the configMgr client after upgrading to SP2 ?

Deploying Windows Updates using SCCM

Configuring Software Update point within SCCM
Configuring Software Update Point within SCCM

Configuring another server to run WSUS for SCCM
Setting up a Software Update Point on a Remote Server

Managing monthly updates in SCCM
On the Second Tuesday of every Month

Deploying Service Packs using SCCM
How can I deploy service packs using the software update point

Using Update Lists when deploying Monthly Updates
Part 1. Creating the Update List and Deployment Management Task

Using Update Lists when deploying Monthly Updates
Part 2. Target the Deployment Management Task and Verify

Using Update Lists when deploying Monthly Updates
Part 3. Using reports to report on Compliance

Updates are not being installed automatically - Windows Update Icon
The Windows Update icon appears even though SCCM is managing updates

Deploying Applications

Using SCCM 2007 SP1 to deploy an application
Deploying Firefox

Deploy Office 2010 with SCCM 2007
how can I deploy Office 2010 Professional Plus using SCCM 2007 Part 1 - Preparation

Deploy Office 2010 with SCCM 2007
how can I deploy Office 2010 Professional Plus using SCCM 2007 Part 2. Create Package/Program/Advertisement and Test

Deploy software through AD Groups linked to Collections in SCCM, AD Group for deployments
everyone needs software eventually

How can I install Multiple Applications using a Task Sequence
Installing apps via a TS and deciding what order they are installed

How can I install multiple applications based on Active Directory Security Group membership in a Task Sequence
Dynamic application Installation

how can I target applications (and drivers) to specific hardware?
target hardware

How can I set the permissions for Drivers Packages in SCCM ?
Shares and NTFS

Deploying OS

Adding the PXE Service Point role (PSP) in SCCM
Adding the PXE role

Operating System Deployment support in SCCM 2007 SP2
what is supported ?

Using SCCM 2007 SP1 to deploy Vista SP1
Deploying Vista (6 Parts)

Using SCCM 2007 SP1 to deploy XP SP3
Deploying XP (2 parts)

Deploy XP SP3 using Task Sequence Media (CD/DVD/USB)
Custom Install DVD

Using SCCM 2007 SP1 to deploy Windows Server 2008
Deploying Server (3 parts)

Using SCCM 2007 Sp2 to deploy Windows 7
Deploy 7 (4 parts)

Customising Windows 7 deployments - part 1.
Changing the keyboard layout using unattend.xml

Customising Windows 7 deployments - part 2.
Specifying an Organisational Unit (OU) using the MachineObjectOU variable

Customising Windows 7 deployments - part 3.
Customising and changing power management using PowerCfg

Customising Windows 7 deployments - part 4.
Deploying Language Packs Offline using MDT 2010 Update 1

Customising Windows 7 deployments - part 5.
Enabling Bitlocker in WinPE on Dell computers [Jul 2011]

Customising Windows 7 deployments - part 6.
Adding multiple keyboard layouts and multiple languages [Mar 2012]

Invalid character in unattend.xml file causing Windows 7 Service Pack 1 Offline Language Pack installation failure
Watch what you put in the Apply Windows Settings Step. [Feb 2012]

How can I determine if theres a TPM chip on my Dell system for BitLocker ?
Using the following script [Aug 2011]

Is the TPM Chip Enabled or Disabled in the Bios on my system ?
Use this WMI query to find out [Aug 2011]

How can I determine if the drive is Encrypted (Protected) or not during a BitLocker task sequence in WinPE ?
Using the GetProtectionStatus Method [Aug 2011]?

How can I determine if there's a TPM chip on my Lenovo system for BitLocker ?
Easy when you know how [sep 2011]

How can I retrieve my BitLocker Recovery Key from MBAM in WinPE
Connecting to MBAM from WinPE [sep 2011]

Build and Capture Windows 7 sample task sequence
adding windows updates by specifying the SLP

Setting computername during deployment
Using the OSDComputerName variable

PXE OSD always available to all computers?
Making PXE OSD available to all Client Computers (both known and unknown)

Capturing OS

How can I capture Windows 7
Capturing Windows 7 using a custom task sequence

Task Sequences

Adding a hotfix to the Setup Windows and Configmgr step in a task sequence
How can I add a hotfix (or hotfixes) to my ConfigMgr Client during OSD

How can I see a report of a Task Sequences Progress
Generate a Report of a Task Sequences Progress

using Multiple Task Sequences via PXE, PXE boot to a task sequence menu
choice is sometimes a good thing

How can I password Protect a Task Sequence ?
Password Protecting a Task Sequence

The "Task Sequence cannot be created" "cannot be stored" or "Too many steps" errors
The Task Sequence cannot be created

How can I copy files from a package using a task sequence
Not as straightforward as you think

Migrating Data using USMT

don't want to migrate Pinned items with USMT 4 ? no problem
unconditionally exclude pinned items

How can I exclude Start Menu items from being captured and restored using a custom file in USMT 4
using a custom XML file to Unconditionally exclude files

how can I use USMT 3.x in SCCM
migrate today restore tomorrow

how can I view the USMT recovery key
user state recovery information

How can I use Offline Mode in Windows PE using USMT 4
Using a scanstate (using offlinewindir in winpe ) Task Sequence in SCCM 2007 SP2

Some Sample XP to Windows 7 task sequences showing Hardlinking
hardlinking and SMP

Migrate XP to Windows 7 using Offline mode in Windows PE
screenshots describing the process

Asset Intelligence

Part 1 - - Enabling Asset Intelligence and selecting Reporting Classes
Part 2 - Add the role and enable the online connector

Troubleshooting and other

Troubleshooting PXE and OSD Deployment problems
Troubleshooting with the help of SMSTS.LOG and F8

How can I make troubleshooting failed deployments easier
Adding additional functionality to your boot images

Understanding SCCM Logs
where are they, and what are they for

how can I Import Computers Using a file in SCCM 2007 ?
importing computers

How can I make a collection for all Windows Vista Systems
All Windows Vista Systems

How can I make a collection for All Windows 7 Systems (and exclude Windows Vista)
All Windows 7 Systems

How to set a password on PXE boot
Setting a password to avoid accidental Operating System Deployment

How can I use variables to join domain, set keyboard, regional options
Using collection variables to set options

Add Trace32.exe to your boot.wim
making troubleshooting that bit easier

workaround for AbortPxe.com
how to get rid of abortpxe.com

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HTAs and Web Services


Introducing the windows-noob.com FrontEnd HTA version 1.0

Multipurpose HTA


Introducing the BitLocker FrontEnd HTA

Multipurpose HTA with BitLocker Support for all three common scenarios, backup, reinstall, new computer [added Jan 2012]


HTA frontends for SCCM 2007, HTA Utilities And Frontends

What is a HTA ? , where can I get them etc... ?


How can I create a boot image with HTA support using MDT

Part 1. Create MDT boot image


How can I display my HTA

Part 2. Displaying the HTA in a Task Sequence


How can I Set the Screen Resolution during OSD

Using SETRES to set screen resolution


Introduction To Web Services

What is a Web Service ?, where can I get them etc ?


How can I install some Web Services?

Installing Web Services


Adding values and testing your web service

How can I add values and test my web service

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