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Found 9 results

  1. Hi everyone, I have got a question on how to cancel a software distribution to a collection. Let me specify. We have 2 collections, servers and workstations. On the root of the workstation collection there are several software packages advertised to run on the collection and on all sub-collections. As soon as you add machines to the workstation collection or any sub-collection, the packages get advertised. Now someone wrongly created a sub-collection in workstations with servers in it. All the packages advertised to the workstations collection have been pushed to the servers. Luckly we us m
  2. I want to thank the forum in adavnce. I am new to windows-noob, but I have read several good post here. I have a question that I have not been able to find an answer to. Our environment: SCCM 2007 version 4.00.6487.2000 with R2 isntalled. We have a specific software program that is installed on all client workstations. Currently this is being pushed out by a software Distribution package. This works perfectly with no issues. The there are Dat files that the program uses that change every 15 mins from the vendor. Is there any way I can have the workstations monitor a network share a
  3. Is it possible to exclude computers based on an advertisement? I don't want to exclude by collection, though I am contemplating on creating a collection based on each advertisement I do and query an exclusion based on a master collection. For example. I have a Java Advertisement that I need to exclude 10 specific machines from 1,000 machines as the software will not work correctly with their applications. What would be the most streamlined approach in deploying the software to all the machines except those that can't use it. If I can exclude through the advertisement that would be
  4. Hi All , I am facing a issue with software distribution . As a microsoft phenomenon when we add a dp/bdp on a package ,from child site it will show golden lock sign , and from child site we cannot refresh . update , delete those packages . So is there any way to work with that . We have 1 CEN 9 Pri and 200 to 300 DP/BDP
  5. Hi All, I've recently came across an issue and it is described as follows. Client has been rebuilt recently and there are a couple of advertisements before rebuilding. The advertisements which I'm now trying to deploy have got failed before rebuild. A couple of advertisements ran successfully on this computer after rebuild however, the advertisements which I want are not installed. I have tried to run the Machine policy evaluation action however, the policy is not downloaded. I've checked in SCCM Right click tools for Rerun advertisements however now none of the advertisements appear
  6. Hi All, I'm trying to know the list of log files for SCCM Software Distribution. In most cases we find "No status" in the report. I know that Execmgr.log is the log file which "Records Advertisements that run" on client machine. Let me tell you about the infrastructure. We have a primary site server with more than 20 Secondary sites. We deploy software randomly on a custom collection to few computers. We have limited access to reports and we would only be able to see all Advertisements for the site. I'm trying to know all the list of log files which needs to be checked to k
  7. I'm having an issue with trying to install software to my clients. When I go to "Install a program from the network" and click Install the program doesn't install and I almost immediately get an error message in the registry under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\SMS\Mobile Client\Software Distribution\Execution History\System\TMC00009\.... The package returns -3 Exit Code Failure. I think this is a standard error that the program returns when it fails but I don't know why it is failing. I'm running SCCM 2007 on Server 2008 and the DP is running on the server. I have gre
  8. Hello, I've been driving myself crazy with this issue, and not to mention the Admin has been driving me crazy as well. The issue is that when she tries to distribute software from a remote console on her desktop connected to the primary server, she gets an error right before she completes the wizard. Error: One or more errors occurred result may be incomplete when you hit details it reads failure to delete management object I have ultimate rights over the hierarchy and have tried recreating this error with no avail. I believe that the issue is permissions but i have validated that
  9. Good morning guys, I've a quick question for you and wondered if you could assist? Given the sheer volume of applications we create and deploy as ConfigMgr guys, does anyone have or know of a mechanism to automate the following: 1. Point to a package application MSI file 2. Create the application in SCCM 3. Create the programs associated with the application Cheers, Ian.
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