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Found 13 results

  1. Good morning, I am experiencing an issue with my wireless clients. I'm able to get some information. However, I am unable to get any software deployed to them. For example: - I get the green check, I am getting policy requests, heartbeat DDR, hardware scan, etc. I have the following applications deployed to a collection, I've kicked off "Machine Policy Retrieval & Evaluation Cycle" on the client, and wait. After a bit, I check the ccmcache folder, and all I see is this: " Upon investigating CAS.log, I see the following messages. Location update from CTM for conten
  2. We have a scenario in our organisation where we want to map a huge lot of environment variables for specific machines. Each and every variables are unique to each machine. There are around 6000 variables which needs to be mapped to 6000 machines. Is there any way we can handle it through SCCM ?
  3. Hi. Long time lurker, first time poster here. I have been having a problem with our new ConfigMgr environment for the past few days and i'm starting to run out of ideas. We successfully deployed a new Windows 7 image to all of our client pc's and now we have to deploy quite a few different applications to the different departments in our organization. However, after creating the deployments, the applications show up in software center with the status "Past due, will be installed". When a user clicks the install button, all software installs fine. But I can't get installations to start
  4. Hello, I'm pretty new to SCCM, and have made some progress in capturing a reference image in a vm, and creating a task sequence to install applications (Office 2010, Sophos antivirus, Reqourdit integration plugin) to a few of our new PCs which I'm testing. Everything seems to be working well except after the machine joins the domain, the applications in the sequence that are supposed to install are just sitting in a status of "Waiting to Install." I've tried putting a maintenance window on the collection that my test machines are members of, but it does not seem to effect anything. I'
  5. Hello All, I have deployed office 2013 application using sccm 2012 and made available to devices so that application will reside in software center. i had deployed this application on 27 of march 2015.and i have tested it successfully by installing some of user's workstation. Now i checked the application again but unfortunately i dont see this application in software center. where do i start to check where the problem can be?
  6. i am having inconsistent application installation during PXE deployment and the logs are not helping me out so i was hoping someone else might have an idea. i can image one laptop and get a few missing applications one time and re-image and get a few different applications missing. for each application that fails i see the following Unspecified error (Error: 80004005; Source: Windows) SMSTS log link <![LOG[ Setting Server Certificates.]LOG]!><time="09:51:35.001+240" date="03-24-2015" component="InstallApplication" context="" type="0" thread="2488" file="utils.cpp:6171"
  7. Hi All, I have a couple of fairly advanced questions: here is my scenario: A user's device has multiple App-V Applications targeted to it (e.g. 15), SCCM will choose a random order to download and install these applications, however one of them fails at the download stage (whether due to boundary issue, content not being found on the DP etc) Because these are required deployments, the option to cancel is greyed out. 1. Does anyone know what the timeout for the application to download the content is? 2. Is there anyway to force the cancellation of the download (e.g. via WMI
  8. Quick question concerning application supersedence that I can't find the answer to. If I setup supersedence on an app will that relationship only affect machines that the app has been deployed to or will machines with the superseded app see that the version they have has been superseded and upgrade automatically. I had a scenario where I setup supersedence on a version of Java and machines that were not in the collection it was deployed to started upgrading. However I had a few other things going on so I wasn't 100% that this was the cause of the random upgrade. for example "Allow clients
  9. I sometimes have a problem where the summary for an application deployment shows errors: ...but "View Status" shows this: Running a summarization does not help. Also, this is not a new deployment but one that is weeks old. I have been trying to find a report that would identify the systems that are having problems installing the application with no success. Does anyone have any suggestions?
  10. Hi There. I have a scenario that I want to get some clarification. I think I know how it will work but wonder if I'm understanding it correctly. I have clients across a WAN that I want to deploy an application to but the bandwidth is limited and I can't put local DPs there. I want to prestage the content and then enforce its installation after the server side of the app has been upgraded on Saturday. The collection that the clients are a member has a maintenance window defined daily from 2am to 5am. I was going to deploy the app and make it available for tonight at 8pm thinking tha
  11. We have successfully built or agent deployment system for OSX and packaged up our first few apps (Office 2011, SCEP, Firefox, etc) but have run into a problem where after the initial install the client never seems to detect the existence of an application (or lack thereof) unless a brand new deployment is assigned to the system. To make it clearer here is step by step how we recreate the problem: 1. Install and enroll client 2. System Preferences -> Configuration Manager -> "Connect Now" and apply all deployments (e.g. Firefox). 3. Uninstall a software package (e.g. Firefox). 4.
  12. Hi, I've been lurking here for quite some time and this site has helped me incredibly since i've started using SCCM. I've now came across an issue that there are not topics for (that i can find) so i'm enlisting the help of you fine people! I've got Adobe Acrobat Std X as an application, and i'm wanting to change it from an 'Available' application to 'Required' so that when a machine runs a policy retrieval it will just go ahead and start installed it there and then. When i go to change the option, the field is greyed out and i can't changed it. I know i will be able to change it if i
  13. Hi All, I'm trying to know the list of log files for SCCM Software Distribution. In most cases we find "No status" in the report. I know that Execmgr.log is the log file which "Records Advertisements that run" on client machine. Let me tell you about the infrastructure. We have a primary site server with more than 20 Secondary sites. We deploy software randomly on a custom collection to few computers. We have limited access to reports and we would only be able to see all Advertisements for the site. I'm trying to know all the list of log files which needs to be checked to k
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