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  1. it's ok this is now resolved (the greyed out) scenario, still having no luck with auto login, all settings are as suggested (trusted sites) plus read access for all domain users but still the authentication appears ;-(
  2. thanks peter I have seen this and it's still not working, but it's not a major issue, having changed no settings though my find additional applications from the application catalogue is now greyed out? any clues?
  3. Hi Everyone, I think this has been covered here before http://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/configmanagerapps/thread/3fa79201-1ab4-4636-82fc-6862620998e9/ but I cannot get an auto login for domain users to work, it always prompts for password. I have made sure application website is in trusted sites and security for domain users in IIS is set to read? My site is only using http if that's an issue, not https.
  4. Hi Anyweb, Like a charm ;-) Please forgive my ignorance, that was fairly obvious! That's why you run this. Thanks Again!
  5. Hi Anyweb, it's deployed to a collection of desktops and server clients, does it need to be applied to a user collection work?
  6. Hi Guys, Thanks for coming back! Yes I have both roles installed and working with no error messages, here is a screenshot of the deploy application wizard that always 'greys' out the option to require administrator approval.
  7. Hi, Every time I create an application using the msi method as instructed, when deploying I cannot use the "require administrator approval if user's request this application" tick box. It is always greyed out? I would really like to see the work flow for requests/approval Is there a setting I need to enable somewhere? Everything else is working well ;-)
  8. Why is this always greyed out when I deploy an application? I am using msi's as instructed in the guides, but every application I have will not allow that functionality, any ideas? I would really like to see the approval request work flow.
  9. why is the "require administrator approval" always greyed out when I deploy an application?
  10. Hi, new to all this SCCM stuff, guides have been excellent and we're cooking on gas so far ;-) but I cannot get any of my applications to "require administrator approval if users request this application" it's always greyed out ???
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