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  1. sorry for my late answer... in sql 2012 the reporting services didn´t work. i reinstalled the database on a sql 2008 R2 / default instance. after that, i configured the reporting services (programs -> sql 2008 R2 / configuration tools / reporting services configuration manager) -> that worked! one thing that i read in a other thread was, that there are problems with reporting services of the operations manager and configuration manager on the same server.
  2. any solutions yet? i´ve exact the same problem with some users. the schema is updated (siteserver and managementpoints are created under CN=SYSTEM \ CN=SYSTEM MANGEMENT) in the client-push-installation-properties i addtional set the sitecode. where could the problem be?
  3. thanks for your replies! now i´ve found the problem: the reporting server was a 2012 sql. i knew that its not supported but the sccm database works on a 2012 sql. But it looks like, sccm 2012 cannot find the reporting role on the sql 2012.
  4. thanks for your answer! serverA is my sccm-server and serverB is my sql-server on serverB is an extra instance for sccm with reporting services installed. the sccm-database is also on this instance. i tried to install the reporting role on the SQL-server. first without configured reporting services on the sql and then with configured reporting services on the server. but i can´t choose the reporting instance on the reporting-siterole-wizard. i don´t understand why... the access-rights to the srs are also ok
  5. I´ve the same Problem... Can´t choose an Reporting Instance when I want to install the Reporting Role. My SQL (SCCM)Database is on a remote server with installed Reporting Services. The Reporting Server is configured and works. The SCCM Service users have access to the database and reporting services. But I can´t choose an Instance in the setup (exactly like shown on the picture) So what´s wrong???
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