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  1. Could be worth checking your detection methods, an application is only classed as successful, if after the install it's detected.
  2. by the looks of it, network 4.5.2 is required? what version of net framework is on these machines to begin with? Try taking a look at these: http://fearthemonkey.co.uk/889/ http://www.nowmicro.com/deploying-net-framework-4-5-2-configmgr-application/
  3. What windows OS are you attempting to deploy this to? It might be that you have to enable net framework 4.0 from within programs and features. Could use DISM for that.
  4. Hi there, Is there any issues when you try to install .net framework manually?
  5. Hi there, Does your console version match the site version?
  6. Hello all, I've ran into a few issues with SCCM 2012 R2 SP1, I have a remote 2 node SQL cluster, essentially one of the nodes failed a few months ago so it's been online for a while, during this time the SCCM DB was moved to this cluster, today the 2nd node is now online so I was expecting that SCCM was install what it needed on this server, I am however running into issues with SCCM thinking that a drive of E:\ exists in the sitecomp.log however this drive does not exist on the node, is there anyway of changing the path? or will I need to reset my SQL configuration again from the setup?
  7. Hey Dude, This my first post, I think this is an awesome guide! however, following the deployment of the endpoint client to my workstations\servers, I have noticed that the endpoint client, disabled remote desktop through the firewall, I have looked through the firewall policies on config manager and can't find anything, so I can allow this, it's going to be a nightmare opening all that up on all workstations, is there not a way where the endpoint protection uses the same config as previous (e.g. current rules on windows firewall) any help? Cheers, Alex.
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