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  1. If you would like to set the Primary User to Local Administrator during OS Deployment here's a small guide (and script) how to get it working. http://heineborn.com/tech/make-primary-user-admin-in-task-sequence/ Good luck
  2. Hi, I've come across this issue a couple of times (more described here: http://heineborn.com/tech/hash-mismatch-with-sccm-application/). The only solution I found that worked is the one in my link in the post above. That or deleting the application and recreating it. Good luck.
  3. Note that you need to restart Internet Explorer after applying the registry fix above. Probably same with the GPO setting.
  4. For technicians managing domains which consist of both 2008 R2 and 2012 servers I'd like to recommend the new Server Manager in Windows Server 2012. To get the Server Manager to work with older Windows versions you need to install some key components. I've described the procedure here: http://heineborn.com...ws-server-2012/ Good luck and enjoy!
  5. Hey guys, Lately I've been setting up a back-end script for one of our customers. Part of this script was designed to send an email to the manager with the user and password for their newly created users. I posted the Email function on the tech-blog if anyone needs it. http://heineborn.com/tech/sending-email-via-powershell/ Take care.
  6. Hey guys, After setting up a new domain and deploying SCCM 2012 I came to realize how much work it actually is to set up new applications. I have made a script which creates AD groups and Collections. I still create the Applications manually because they usually differ when it comes to how they need to be set up. Some products can be imported as Applications (MSI etc) while some (Autodesk products in particular) need to be set up as Packages. Here's a link to the script. http://heineborn.com/tech/powershell-create-collections-and-ad-groups/ Enjoy!
  7. Hey Ian, I've run into a couple of similar issues. Posted the solutions on my site, check out these 2 posts; Troubleshooting: http://heineborn.com/tech/sccm-2012-troubleshooting-pxe/ Other PXE issues: http://heineborn.com/tag/pxe/
  8. Hey Patrick, I've written a guide how to get Application and Program deployment to work in SCCM 2012. Check it out here; http://heineborn.com/tech/applications-via-udi-in-mdt-2012/
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